Monthly Safety Inspection


Not limited to organizations/ workplaces under the ‘Second Schedule’ of The Workplace Safety And Health (Workplace Safety And Health Officers), Bond International Consultants has also been providing various safety services to other organisations that even though they are not considered as a factories, but would like to increase their safety standard by engaging a professional assistance to come in periodically (typically monthly) to assist the organisation.

Our Safety Inspection service will cover:

  • Our consultant will come down periodically and conduct a safety inspection
  • Based on the safety inspection finding, the consultant will give recommendation and rectification for any safety lapse found
  • Our consultant will provide safety inspection record consisting the findings and recommendation above
  • Our consultant will sit in the safety committee meeting (if applicable) to discuss on the findings and share it with the safety committee members
  • At a certain interval, our consultants will also conduct relevant training to enhance the safety knowledge of the organisation

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