General Information

1. Is Risk Management mandatory for office industries?

Risk Management is mandatory for all workplaces of various risk levels and industries in Singapore under Workplace
Safety & Health Act (Risk Management) Regulations.

Companies are to appoint Risk Management leader(s) & Risk Assessment leader(s) to help in managing WSH risk. They must be competent for the task. Having attended a Risk Management course (bizSAFE Level 2 WSQ Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan Course) conducted by a MOM Approved Training Provider or equivalent is sufficient demonstration of the fact.

Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management (First revision: 2012)


1. What is bizSAFE?

bizSAFE is a five-step programme that assists companies to build up their WSH capabilities so that they can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

2. Is it a mandatory for company to have bizSAFE?

bizSAFE is not a mandatory or a legal requirement but it is highly encouraged companies to participate in bizSAFE. Your enterprise will not only benefit by acquiring WSH capabilities but also be able to implement RM or WSHMS at your workplace to better manage workplace safety.

3. What are the benefits of bizSAFE?

It create a safer and healthier work environment for employees, increase business competitive edge, gain recognition by bizSAFE partners and industry. Company will also receive bizSAFE certificate for each level that you attain. You will also be able to apply the bizSAFE logo on your name card, letterhead and other collaterals.

4. Where to apply for the bizSAFE Recognition?

You can visit the Workplace Safety Health Council website, to apply.
Online Enterprises Application

On Training

C1. Registration

1. How do I register?

An acknowledgment email would be sent upon receipt of your registration form.

2. When will I receive the course confirmation email?

Your registration can be confirmed only upon payment received, on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability of seats. A confirmation email will be sent for paid registrations 3 days before the course.

3. When will I be notified if there is any postponement/cancellation of course?

Our training department will inform the contact person 1 week before the course date if there is any postponement/cancellation.

4. When will the participants receive their certificate?

The certificate will be given to the participants at the end of the course and only upon payment received.

C2. WDA Training grant & Absentee Payroll (for bizSAFE Level 2 & Level 4 courses)

1. How much is the training grant & Absentee Payroll?

Training grant: SME companies will enjoy up to 90% course fee grant from WDA, while non-SME can enjoy up to 50% of course fee grant.  

Absentee Payroll: SMEs can claim absentee payroll funding up to 80% of basic hourly salary at a higher cap of $7.50 per hour on top of the higher course fees funding, while non-SMEs is capped at $4.50 per hour.

*WDA terms & conditions apply

2. Where & How to apply?

Access internet website and log in using authorised company SingPass. Please note that you must submit the application within the period from 180 days before to 30 days after course start date.

C3.  Personal Information & Email/SMS Notification on e-Cert (for bizSAFE Level 2 & Level 4 courses)

 1. Why must the trainees fill in their salary range?

It is a mandatory field in assessment result submission. We required the information for assessment result submission to WDA. WDA required that for statistics and policy formulation.   

2. Why is it important for trainees to provide their mobile number and e-mail address?

Trainees will receive e-Cert notification via email and/or SMS.  It is very important to key in the correct trainee’s e-mail address and/or mobile number.  Otherwise, the trainees will not receive the notification.
3. How do foreign workers without SingPass access e-Cert?

Foreign workers can check for eligibility for SingPass and apply for SingPass using online request at or approach
Community Centres, CPF Woodlands Service Centre and Land Transport Authority. With the SingPass, the foreign workers can access their e-Certs online.
Foreign workers who are not eligible for SingPass can approach their ATOs to print or download the e-Cert for them.

4. Who can get SingPass?

The following groups of users are eligible to apply for SingPass:

  • Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident
  • Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass holders
  • EntrePass holders
  • S-Pass holders
  • Dependant Pass holders (of EP, PEP, EntrePass and S-Pass holders)
  • Selected Work Permit Holders

c4. Download e-Cert (for bizSAFE Level 2 & Level 4 courses)

1. How do trainees download e-Cert?

To download e-Cert, please follow the steps below

  • Go to SCN website at
  • Click the SingPass icon to login via SingPass
  • Once you have entered into the Trainee Screen, click “View Achievement “
  • Click “Course Attended” or “Qualification Attended”
  • On the result page, you can download e-Cert.
  • To download e-Cert, click on the corresponding Download icon in the “Download e-Cert” column.

2. What is the file format of e-Cert?

The file format of e-Cert certificate is in pdf.
3. What software is required to view the e-Cert?
Adobe Reader software of at least version 10 to view the e-Cert.

You can download and install Adobe Reader Version 10 and above from this website at

4. Will e-Cert be sent to employer?
The e-Cert generated will be accessible by the ATOs and trainees only at

c5. e-Cert VERIFICATION AND AUTHENTICATION (for bizSAFE Level 2 & Level 4 courses)

How do we verify trainee’s e-Cert?

1. To check trainee’s e-cert, log onto  
Enter an applicant’s Identification No and E-Cert Serial No and the system will show the WSQ courses that the applicant has completed.

Other Frequently Asked Questions


2. Where can I get the sample of the Risk Assessment form?

MOM website